Im on a hit, Kik Messenger smartphone
23.08.2016 03:28

The application has got the advantage of operating with all smart phones as sensible as the Rim talk tool. In less than a month it has attracted 1.5 million consumers.
A fresh instant-messaging application multiplatform smart-phone, phoned fury is being done by Kik Messenger. The application currently rely 1.5 million users, less than a month after it becomes accessible. 1-5 days after launch in its version that is current, it previously garnering 1 million users.
kik pc bluestacks
This free application allows to chat live along with his associates, irrespective of the operating system employed by smart mobile phones. It is not incompatible between Android, iPhone. It avoids spending money on brief messages delivered by text messaging, in the event the package does not contain unlimited SMS, an advantage that produced the success of the Rim. We WOn't be astonished to learn that Kik is the fruit of the work of Ted Livingston, a former Research in-Motion, the maker of Blackberry.
Like the Rim messaging application, Kik Messenger allows you to see if it is planning to react and when a message is read by his contact. A feature not supplied, for example, GTalk.


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