Kik Messenger App Review
04.02.2016 06:41

Both sender and recipient needs to have installed this program and have each other as contacts in their own cellphones to utilize it, although Kik works on almost any smartphone. An "S" on a message signifies it's been sent, "D" means delivered, and "R" appears next to a message when it is been opened. There's no limit to how many characters per message, and photos can be taken directly from inside the program. Some capabilities, nevertheless, such as the video, sketchpad, as well as other characteristics that are promoted as tools that are routine are truly other programs which can be used via Kik, plus they have distinct rules and charges for premium services.


No violent content in the app itself, but teens can send and get videos, photos, voice messages, and unmonitored texts.


No sexual content in the program itself, but teens can send and receive photos track texts, voice messages, and videos.


No iffy language in the program itself, but teens can send and get pictures unmonitored texts, voice messages, and videos.


Kik Messenger is free, but a lot of the Kik-enabled programs which can be promoted as Kik attributes - like video manufacturer the sketch pad, and also a file -sending program - feature ads or promote a paid premium variant. Kik's ability to link these other Kik-enabled programs within itself is a way to drive "app adoption" (purchases) from its users for programmers. Upon registering, adolescents are supported to permit messages to be sent to everyone in their phone's address book about signing up for the service, since users can just message those who additionally have this program.

Drinking, drugs, & smoking

No content related to drinking, drugs, or smoking in the app itself, but teens can send and receive surveil texts, pictures, voice messages, and videos.

Parents Should Know

Parents should know that Kik Messenger is a program-established a social network app for smartphones in addition to alternative to standard texting. It has some cool features but also some downsides that are possible for security and seclusion. Kik users can download other programs with more attributes, like a sketchpad plus video, to be utilized on Kik, and users can see if their messages have been read by the recipients, which is a good touch. Nevertheless, Kik should only be used by teens who will discern the difference between texting people independently, with groups, and within a social media environment. This multi-feature (read: potentially more strategies to get into trouble) tool is for older adolescents and adults that will put it to use to talk to family and friends, to utilize the features on some of the other cool Kik-enabled programs (like the video camera, file share, sketchpad, and greeting cards), and who is not going to give out personal information to Kik users they do not know or indiscriminately pay for premium features on other Kik-enabled apps. Kik unquestionably adds a kick to "old fashioned texting," but teenagers need some guidance on safety and privacy if they are going to work with it.

What Kids Can Learn

Kik Messenger was not created with educational objective, and we don't recommend it for learning.


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